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From fly-fishing on the wild Roaring Fork River in Colorado, the quiet serenity of sunrise on the Continental Divide, to enjoying "quaking" aspen in autumn sunlight, natural spaces have always called to me.  I love exploring back roads to discover new and surprising vistas or taking a turn down a rarely traveled byway and finding an abandoned mining camp creating the subjects for my photography.  I combine my passion for nature, the beauty of the mountains, and curiosity for historical places to create images that capture the essence of the places I love.


Pursuing photography has taken me from the Colorado Mountains, to Death Valley in California, to Monument Valley in Arizona, to the Palouse area of Washington State and the Pacific Coast of Oregon.  Wherever I travel I am continually amazed by the grandeur of nature and opportunities to photograph the landscapes and vast natural beauty of the West. 


My photography allows me to share the wonders of nature that I see in my travels with you.  I hope that you enjoy my photos.

All of the images on this web site are for sale.  Please contact me for information about sizes and pricing.

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